Sonali Pathirana


Sonali Pathirana
Managing Editor and Deputy Bureau Chief of New York´╝îBloomberg llp


Sonali Pathirana does several things which merit her inclusion in the Outstanding 50 awards. Here are just some of them:

-Championing diversity and inclusion across 2,600 people in 150 locations around the world for Bloomberg News as it seeks to ensure the hiring, retaining and developing of the best talent, whatever it may look like. She’s pushed for changing practices in recruitment, for example, and boosted ethnic hiring by over 4% in just one year for the U.S alone.

-Innovating constantly and finding ways in which people and automation can work together, leveraging the best of each other and dealing with the challenging conversations of where technology can support and encourage journalists to continue to excel at the news that really matters.

-Empowering her teams, whether they sit in Vancouver, New York or Buenos Aires because it takes best practice, confidence and the belief your managers support you, to take the kind of risks that ensure a company consistently stays ahead of the competition and justifies the costs of keeping a subscription to a premium service. When you’re handling the information that moves billions of dollars around the world at the stroke of a key, this is essential.

-Mentoring, connecting and coaching a wide cross-section of people in multiple roles at the firm as well as well beyond in her role as global champion for Bloomberg’s Pan Asian community, through other engagements including her work with the Princeton University International Centre where she has been in-loco-parentis to over 15 students in the past ten years and serves a larger community of international students through university outreach. She also mentors for her alma mater, Cambridge University and was recently featured on the cover of their career program brochure.

-Sonali showcases how a formal education can be applied across disciplines. She isn’t a journalism graduate, rather she brings the discipline of her post-grad work in economics and undergraduate work in Sociology to bear.

-She believes in educating the girl child and has funded her own scholarshipprogramme in Sri Lanka that supports education and extra-curricular activities for girls who face cost challenges after having lost a parent.