Shuchita Prakash


Shuchita Prakash
Department Manager,ConEdison Company of NY


Shuchita Prakash, Department Manager in Corporate Strategy Planning at Con Edison, works on leading strategic initiatives such as technology trends that have impact on Con Edison business and future opportunities. She is also a member of the gas long range planning team and is working with her former team mates in thinking through their long range planning initiatives.

Ms. Prakash joined Con Edison in 2007 as Finance manager in gas operations and proved herself to be a change agent, bringing new thinking in cost management and processes that helped the organization achieve effective outcomes. During this time, she dedicated herself to continuous learning and became a certified Registered Gas Distribution Professional while also completing her MBA degree study.

Prior to joining Con Edison, Shuchita worked at SGS, world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Here, she performed financial and engineering analysis on numerous corrosion inspection projects covering oil & gas refinery components as well as well-head components. Early in Shuchita’ s career, working as a field engineer in upstream oil and gas exploration at the reputed company, Schlumberger, she completed over 100 wireline projects across Canada, Scotland, Kuwait, UAE and India.

Shuchita Prakash is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’ Degree in Architectural Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pace University. As someone who has been fortunate to be successful in a nontraditional career, she is active in mentoring others and is a member of the corporate mentoring program.