Mauro Watanabe


Mauro Watanabe
Worldwide Director, Direct Procurement,Colgate-Palmolive Company


Mauro Watanabe is the Worldwide Director, Direct Procurement for Colgate-Palmolive Company. Mauro is leading the Global Direct Procurement teams at Colgate and Hill’s, driving strategic objectives in Funding the Growth, innovation, customer service and quality. He works closely with key business partners in the Global Supply Chain, Research & Development, and Global Marketing, as well as critical business stakeholders in all of our Divisions.

The role of any procurement team is to analyze deeply, formulate diverse perspectives and influence change to deliver significant supply opportunities important to our business; Mauro accomplishes this while equally focusing on and mitigating diverse, complex risks. Supply base relationships are likewise critical to our success, and Mauro has also built relationships with key suppliers to ensure they have the direction and insights essential to supporting our requirements for both day to day supply and long term cost and service optimization.

Mauro has performed exceptionally well in leading a large, dispersed global team, as he quickly addressed process and resource gaps essential to our effectiveness. Together with his team, Mauro has created analytic processes and team competencies that have led to material, sustainable margin improvements. He also led his team through system transitions that have saved time and improved resource utilization, allowing groups around the world to focus on higher priority actions in support of our brands.

Mauro has also achieved many goals by valuing others’ contributions, and listening carefully to his stakeholders to both learn from them and simultaneously engage them in new thinking. Mauro is adept at constructively challenging past practices, a strength so important to upholding Colgate values of “continuous improvement”. Colgate-Palmolive benefits from Mauro’s strengths in evaluation and speed in addressing issues, and in demonstrating passion and courage to bring solutions to life every day.

Most recently Mauro was the Regional Supply Chain Director, Africa/Eurasia, where he led Division supply chain operations across all categories. He continued to develop and solidify a strong manufacturing strategy for the region, working closely with the Division Commercial team to ensure reliability and service in the development and launch of new products, Funding The Growth projects and other critical initiatives to drive growth.

Mauro joined C-P Brazil in 1996 as an Industrial Engineer at the Jaguare plant and in 1999 was promoted to Production Manager for the toilet soap focus factory. He progressed through several roles and in 2002 was promoted to Operations Manager for Oral Care at the Anchieta facility. In 2004, Mauro joined the Global Supply Chain team in New York, where he contributed to several key projects, including the optimization of the global supply network via Advanced Planning & Optimization, inventory modeling, external benchmarks and competitive intelligence analysis. In 2006, he joined the Latin America Division in as Associate Director, Division Customer Service & Logistics.

In 2009, Mauro was promoted to Customer Service & Logistics Director for C-P Brazil, where he successfully implemented the Global CS&L strategy while sustaining Colgate’s recognition from key customers as the preferred supplier. He led the start-up operations at Imigrantes, the largest Colgate-operated distribution center, and delivered best practices in Demand Planning with great results in accuracy, case fill and inventory levels.