Jin Rong Zhen


Jin Rong Zhen
President, Grand Builder Contracting Inc.


Mr. Jin Rong Zhen is the President of Grand Builder Contracting Inc. Grand Builder Contracting was
founded in 2001. Mr. Zhen is also the Chief Executive Officer and Director of The Grand Builder Group,
a real estate development corporation founded in 2015. Mr. Zhen has over thirty-five years of
construction and development experience, both overseas and in the States.

Mr. Jin Rong Zhen, an immigrant who came to the United States in the late 80’s, leaving a successful
construction business behind and start anew in New York. With a structural engineering and construction background, Mr. Zhen started numerous construction firms with the same goal in mind. These companies must provide a superior quality product for clients. It has been over twenty five years since, and thus far, Grand Builder and her predecessors have achieved a reputation of high standard, which was not so much demanded by their clients, but by Mr. Zhen.

Grand Builder’s projects range from development of new buildings to development of luxury homes;
from renovation of Landmarks to renovation of brownstones. It is through dedication and care, that high standards are achieved and delivered. As one of the highlights, Grand Builder had the privilege of doing a total gut renovation of General Sullivan’s house located on 116 Sullivan Street, New York City.

In recent years, Mr. Zhen has been involved more with the local communities, especially charitable
organizations. Mr. Zhen is a member of Gin Sun Hall Association, an international Zhen association, and was elected to serve as chairman since 2008. He sees it as his duty to do something worthwhile and meaningful. Since he held the position as chairman, he initiated scholarship programs for member’s children from first grade to college. He also has negotiated with cemeteries for large parcels of burial plots; so that the aging can rest assure that they will have a permanent resting place when they pass-on. For those who cannot afford the last rites of life’s journey, they can rest in peace knowing that they will be taken care of with respect and dignity.

Mr. Zhen also serves as President for Taishan Friendship Association; a New York based non-profit
organization dedicated to elderly care, especially for those without any family members in the United States. Mr. Zhen has recently succeeded in raising funds to purchase a permanent association office at 878 60th Street, so that the members will have a place to socialize, organize events to get help with social services and personal needs.