Jie Jiao Hayes


Jie Jiao Haye
Founder and Portfolio Manager, Songbird Capital


Jie Hayes has over 16 years of institutional investment management experience. She is the founder and portfolio manager of Songbird Capital, an investment advisory firm managing assets on behalf of individuals, small businesses and institutions.

Prior to founding Songbird, Jie worked with Citi Alternative Investments as Vice President in Investments and Portfolio Risk Management. During her nine years at Citi, she was a member of the investment team that managed over $12 billion assets at its peak, undertook research and development of an index to mimic merger arbitrage strategy returns, and led a team to perform a feasibility study on creating an Asian Fund of Hedge Fund portfolio.

Joining Citi Alternative Investments in 2002 as a risk manager, she was responsible for overseeing individual hedge funds and managed accounts $3.5 billion assets in aggregate. In 2004, her role evolved into strategy research and manager due diligence and selection in Event Driven and Special Situations investments for Fund of Hedge Fund portfolios as well as the alternative products provided to Citi global clients through Citi Private Banks and Smith Barney.

In 2011, Jie left Citigroup and founded Songbird Capital. Both Jie and Songbird Capital are actively involved in local non-profits, supporting those organizations through donations and voluntary work. Jie has been an investment committee member for Princeton United Methodist Church Endowment since 2009.

In 2006, Jie was interviewed by Beijing TV for the Documentary “Chinese Women on Wall Street”.