Gary Kong


Gary Kong
President, Classic Ameriwine Inc.


Gary Kong, a native of China who grew up in Hong Kong and migrated to the United States when he was 16 years old. He purchased his first house in Brooklyn at the fledgling 18 years, an age where most would consider home ownership a far of dream.

Today he owns more than 20 various properties. His catalogue of properties includes warehouses throughout New York State to New Orleans, Louisiana. A motel in Brooklyn, New York along with the restaurant in Queens, New York are also under his ownership. He can even lay claim to properties as far away as Texas with the proprietorship of a street mall in that state.

Nowadays, he’s the president of classic Ameriwine, Inc, a winery located in California, who is as well as the creator of New York Spicy Beer and the 1 Wine, which is awarded as China Banquet designated wine.

Mr. Kong is also the creator of King Kong Energy Gum. The multiple research and developing personnel characteristics, attracts CCTV (China Central Television), the largest and widest covering channel in China, invited him to a big overseas Chinese reality interview in April 2016.

With the diversification of the development trend, Mr. Kong is also running a business of TV media. As the CEO of the 1 Speed Media, he devoted himself into developing a communication platform, which mainly to provide legal and life information and services to American Chinese community.

Mr. Kong is the winner of many awards, includes the President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2014; the Ellis Island Award in 2014; the Legendary Chinese American-A Brilliant Life in 2015, which held by Ming Pao Daily News (New York); the Brooklyn President Award in 2017. As the winner of above various award, for being an outstanding immigrant in the U.S.A., who has done to help our communities move forward, now, therefore, being here as one of the award consideration of Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business, 2017.