Emma Hao


Emma Hao
Douglas Elliman Real Estate


Emma Hao is a legend. Her story of getting into real estate has touched many, as has her success. Emma rose to become one of the top brokers at Douglas Elliman in only 8 years’ time. She won the prestigious Diamond Award in 2014 to 2016, plus created her own team with 10 members, The Emma Hao Team.

A native of Beijing, Emma earned a Master of Administration degree from the University of Brighton in England. She previously worked in the Ministry of Construction of China, moved to New York in January 2009 not knowing anyone. In the beginning, Emma struggled to stay in NYC. Her choice was to either start over from the ground up or go back to a comfortable life in China. Eventually, she chose the challenge to start a new life from the ground, to pursue her dream of building a bridge between China and the rest of world, to make a meaningful journey!

Because of her spirit, people start following Emma on social media. She also created a show series about “Investing and Living in New York”, “Emma In New York” on social media, introducing the real estate in New York, also, introducing the most trendy lifestyle to Chinese consumers. Emma strives to be a knowledgeable broker and to excel professionally; but she also encourages herself and other people to challenge themselves and try new things to make life more meaningful.

Emma loves to be busy, and she is. She fully embraces every moment to make her journey in life meaningful and rewarding. We congratulate her, wish her the best, and look forward to even greater achievements!