Donna Yi


Donna Yi
Director – Transaction Management and Due Diligence,Hudson Americas, L.P.


Ms. Donna Yi is currently a Director and part of the Senior Management Team with Hudson Americas L.P for the Residential Whole Loan Platform. Hudson is the advisor to Lone Star providing asset management, due diligence, legal, compliance, tax and other services. Lone Star Funds was founded in 1995 and has a successful track record of investing in corporate, commercial real estate, single family residential, operation companies, and consumer debt products. Since the establishment of its first fund in 1995, Lone Star has organized private equity funds totaling over $70 billion of capital that have been invested globally. 

Ms. Yi oversees transaction management and due diligence for acquisitions, sales, and securitization across the residential whole loan platform in North America. She has successfully managed the acquisition of over $27 of residential mortgage loans at Hudson. Ms. Yi structured a robust and comprehensive acquisition and monetization process which has contributed to Lone Star being a favored and competitive counter party in the residential whole loan market. She continues to development relationships with sellers, loan services, vendors and internally to sharpen daily processes. Additionally, Ms. Yi works with members of the residential Senior Management Team to add support and insight into other platform initiatives being launched such as pilot programs, process improvements, and asset management projects. 

Prior to joining Hudson, Ms. Yi was Vice President at Auriga USA, LLC and The Winter Group where she focused on developing a whole loan transaction, due diligence and post-acquisition remediation platforms as well as interfaced with their respective services on asset management strategies. Ms. Yi also supervised the repurchase of over $250mm in assets due to early payment defaults, fraud, litigation, and other breaches of the seller obligations. 

In addition to her role at Hudson, Ms. Yi is an active member at Grace Community Chapel located in Teaneck, NJ. She is head of Finance Committee with responsibilities that include yearly budgeting and financial reporting to creating processing to support short term/long term missionaries overseas. She is joyfully married to her high school sweetheart who serves as a Deacon at GCC and has two children a 3 year old son and a 5 year old English Bulldog. Ms. Yi is incredibly blessed and thankful that she serves together with her husband at GCC and together they are able to mentor individuals and couples. Ms. Yi is a 2004 graduate of Cornell University with a B.S. in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering and currently resides in Central New Jersey.