Christopher Chin


Christopher Chin
CEO, VP Records/VP Music Group/Greensleeves Inc.


Christopher Chin has devoted his entire professional life to promoting Jamaican music. Chris was born in Kingston 58 years ago, and grew up around the singers and musicians who frequented Randy’s Record Mart, founded by his visionary parents in the late 1950s as a record store, distribution hub and later, a recording studio. Randy’s played a significant role in shaping Jamaica’s music industry.

The Chin family relocated to the New York City area in the late 70s, establishing VP Records in Jamaica, Queens, in 1979, initially as a Jamaican music distributorship, supplying New York area record stores with the island’s latest releases.

Today, VP Records stands as the world’s largest label/distributor specializing in Jamaican music, with offices in Miami, Kingston, Johannesburg, London, Rio De Janeiro, and Tokyo, and a major conduit in establishing reggae as a globally embraced genre that has exerted its influence on pop, hip-hop and EDM, with the company’s CEO Chris Chin, a longstanding, if laid- back, ambassador for Jamaican culture. His tireless work ethic has established VP Records as the powerhouse that it is today.

A devoted husband, father and grandfather, Chris is also a philanthropist who actively supports numerous charities including his alma mater Kingston College and Kingston’s Alpha Boys School, where many of Jamaica’s greatest musicians have been trained.

Chris produced tracks for legendary artists but he preferred the business side of the music industry. By the early ’80s Chris had established solid working relationships and licensing deals with a younger generation of producers.